Small Houses NZ

Although many people dream of having a large, sprawling house with plenty of land, the reality is that it is just a dream for most and is not affordable. This is even more the case in the current booming property market where prices are continuing to rise, and large houses become further out of reach for many.

Most have now realised that something smaller is more realistic and so affordable small houses in NZ have become a growing trend. These are also seen as a viable alternative to the rental market and give a real opportunity for people to become property owners for the first time. Read More

Benefits and Considerations for Small Homes NZ

The popularity of small homes is based on much more than necessity. Such a home:

  • has lower energy bills due to reduced heating and air conditioning costs
  • requires less cleaning and general maintenance so you have more time to do something more interesting
  • costs less to buy and insure so is more affordable overall
  • can, if necessary and a transportable home, be disconnected and transported to another site
  • is more practical for first-time buyers and for those who are down-sizing
  • can be built and installed more quickly than a larger property
  • is better for the environment, which is an important consideration for those looking to reduce their impact on the planet.

Small houses aren’t for everyone, however, and you need to consider seriously before making your choice. A small house can mean less privacy, smaller living spaces and restricted storage capacity. Before moving to a small house, therefore, you may need to declutter and plan the available space so you can make best use of it and ensure it is sufficient for your needs. Living in a smaller property often means simply living smarter and adapting to what you have.

A small house is often considered to be one that’s 93 square metres or less. So, you need to plan carefully to ensure you can fit everything in.

The Right Size of a Small House in NZ – A Growing Thread

At Transbuild, we’re not just small house builders in NZ because we develop all kinds of modular homes in NZ. We have standard designs of various styles and sizes, and we can customise these designs to meet your needs. We can also create completely bespoke properties and so can build any size of house depending on your requirements.

In essence, whether you want a small house or something larger, we can do it. All properties have layouts that are designed to make them function efficiently, which is a necessity when space is limited, and have the appropriate living, sleeping and storage space. They’re all built in our factory to high standards and from the finest materials. They’re an attractive style, very resilient, adequately insulated for comfort and are fully fitted with kitchens and bathrooms.

If you want a small house or ready homes in NZ, we’ll make it work for you. Equally, we can deliver larger properties to the same high standard. And each one will be delivered quickly and at an affordable price.

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