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Commercial Transportable Buildings NZ

Transbuild Commercial provide high quality, architecturally designed commercial transportable buildings in NZ which can be used for a variety of purposes. Since 2012, we have been building and transporting fully assembled, ready-to-use buildings within North Island for both residential and commercial use. Each building is manufactured in our state-of-the art 2000 sqm factory in South Auckland and delivered fully assembled to your chosen site. Our streamlined and methodical process means that your building is constructed in few weeks and can be installed and made functional on your site on the day of delivery, providing your site is fully prepared and all utilities are available and ready to be connected. Read More

Transportable Commercial Buildings in NZ for All Applications

Whether you are looking at property development investments, additional office or lunchroom space, site offices or worker accommodation, we have a solution for you that has been designed and manufactured in line with any appropriate building regulations.

We offer a selection of floorplans and configurations to suit a wide range of commercial applications, from accommodation for RSE workers, camp lodgings and ablution blocks to offices, showrooms and lunchrooms portable buildings, isolation units and more. Our commercial transportable buildings are an ideal solution when you need accommodation in the North Island of NZ quickly and at a fixed price, as our methods ensure both speedy delivery and certainty of cost. All our units are constructed undercover in our all-weather factory, so we never suffer from delays due to inclement weather.

Our ability to guarantee fast delivery times is achieved through streamlined manufacturing processes. We’re able to manufacture your chosen building while you get on with the site preparation which leads to considerable time savings compared to a typical on-site building method. Every transportable we construct is delivered using house moving specialists, and the buildings are fully finished and complete with all the requisite guarantees, warranties and certification.

Transbuild: Providing High Quality Commercial Transportable Buildings In NZ

Transbuild Commercial are proud to be a New Zealand owned and operated business; every building we supply is built to New Zealand building code standards, and we always support our local economy wherever possible by using local tradesmen and local suppliers.

Our planned approach to manufacturing combined with our fast production means that we can guarantee speedy completion dates without having to worry about weather or sub-contractor delays. Furthermore, We consciously design and build with energy efficiency and cost consciousness in mind. Transbuild units are modern, comfortable, have all the necessary insulation and firewalls (where required), plus they are built with the NZ weather in mind and to stand the test of time.

If you would like further information on any of our commercial transportable building designs or you would like to discuss a custom build, please contact us at or call us on 0800 460 307 and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Transbuild Commercial C70

C70 Operations Office

Transbuild Commerical C98

C98 Staff Kitchen Ablutions

Transbuild Commercial C144 Open office

C144 Office & Open Plan Building

Transbuild Commercial C144-1

C144-1 Office Building

Transbuild Commercial C144-2

C144-2 Office Building

Transbuild Commercial C144-3

C144-3 Office Building

Transbuild Commerica 147 Medical

C147 Medical Centre

Transbuild Commercial C169

C169 Office/Multi Office Block

Transbuild Commercial Hicks

HICKS 6 Bedroom Accomodation

Commercial Prefabricated Buildings Plans

Following range for commercial buildings we offer for you these offices blocks. An easy way to extend your work spaces within your industrial or commercial.

Property developers use these for their office staff and display homes to market their developments and building types. Multiple building projects have been completed by Transbuild throughout the North Island regions and all units have the ability to be removed at their end of use and either relocated to other sites or on sold.

All buildings are provided with code of compliance certificates and are constructed to high standard within our controlled environment. Put your staff into a warm and comfortable spaces ensuring they have the best working conditions on site.

Contact us for your specific requirements and our team will send a quote

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