About Transbuild

Transbuild specialises in the construction of transportable buildings for both residential and commercial customers. NZ owned and operated, we take pride in manufacturing quality buildings that can withstand the harshest of NZ conditions.

Our long serving team have over 30 years in manufacturing and building, and a streamlined process ensures our customers benefit from a speedy delivery without compromising quality.  It is imperative that we use our architecture and engineering expertise to build with design efficiencies in mind, and we continually critique and evolve our core floorplans to ensure maximum building footprint yet cost effective construction and transport costs.

Prefabrication has the opportunity to revolutionise the NZ market.  A controlled environment includes both factory construction but also client process and fit out decisions enabling ‘certainty of cost and timeframe’ which is favoured by all our customers irrespective of their residential or commercial nature. Couple this with the ability to complete site works concurrently while the build is completed in the factory, there are significant time savings to be capitalised upon. Prefabrication as a construction method has been globally proven and adopted for years, we are confident in our streamlined processes and genuinely believe we are an integral part of this manufacturing way of the future for New Zealand.

​Our experience and integrity go hand in hand, it is important that we are big enough to be competitive but small enough to care. We are proud Members of Master Builder and clients receive the independent Master Build Guarantee as part of the package. We take pride in delivering to our customers’ needs and requirements resulting in satisfaction for all parties.