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Transbuild Commercial Range

When certainty of cost, and simplicity of process results in a speedy delivery – the upsides speak for themselves when it comes to businesses opting for a ‘truely’ transportable option – maximised floor space yet cost effective freight is simply a good business decision.

​Our streamlined manufacturing coupled with business agility is key to our business model.  Our long serving team have over 25 years experience so have had exposure to all matter of site specific requirements.

Refer to the floor plans for indicative layouts, but please note typically commercial builds require customised design amends due to council requirements e.g. fire walls. Prices are available on request, email your plan to us here or call to discuss on 0800 460 307.

Read about some of our commercial projects including golf course buildings and worker accommodation.

Burns 133 Gable

Burns 133 Mono

Arrowsmith 144 Mono

Arrowsmith 144 Gable

Mono-B4-152 - Aoraki_

Aoraki 152 Mono

Gable-B4-152 - Aoraki_

Aoraki 152 Gable

Aspiring 144 Mono

Aspiring 144 Gable

Egmont 148 Mono

Egmont 148 Gable

Ruapehu 151 Mono

Ruapehu 151 Gable

Ruapehu 151 Dual Gable

Tasman 144 Mono

Tasman 144 Gable

Silberhorn 122 Mono

Silberhorn 122 Gable

Haast 120 Mono

Haast 120 Gable

Haast 120 Dual Gable

Huxley 120 Mono

Huxley 120 Gable

Huxley 120 Dual Gable

Kawerau 119 Mono

Exterior B3-119 Gable - Kawarau

Kawerau 119 Gable

Torres 113 Mono

Torres 113 Gable

Sefton 91 Mono

Sefton 91 Gable

Transbuild Walters 98 mono

Walters 98 Mono

Evans 70 Mono

Newton 65 Gable

Dixon 65 Gable Show Home

Dixon 65 Gable

Hutton 65 Mono