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Portable Buildings

Whether in business or domestic life, change is a constant feature. Businesses and families grow, resulting in us not having enough space so we need to expand what we have available. Diversification and family changes can then lead to an excess of space, so down-sizing is then the next step.

These constantly changing needs can mean that existing home and business accommodation are not the size they need to be. The normal solution of moving to new premises may be too disruptive while building a new property by traditional methods may take too long and be too costly. The better solution may therefore be to use portable buildings in NZ. Read More

Choosing and Using Custom Portable Buildings NZ

The portable buildings we produce at Transbuild aren’t ones you can move around in the same way you’d tow a caravan or drive a mobile home. Instead, they’re permanent buildings that are portable in the sense that, once they’ve been built in our dedicated factory, they can be transported to site where they’re installed. After that, they generally don’t move again although it is possible to disconnect them from services and re-locate to another site.

The big advantage of this type of building is speed of delivery. That’s achieved because:

  • site preparation and manufacture of the building are undertaken in parallel, as opposed to traditional methods where construction can only start after the site has been prepared
  • construction is carried out in factory conditions so there is no interference from the weather
  • factory conditions create a safer working environment so delays due to accidents are rare
  • materials and technicians are constantly available so there are no hold-ups due to late deliveries or because workers are delayed on other jobs
  • a complete building is delivered to site, including all fittings, and needs only to be installed and connected to services before it’s ready for occupancy.

The speed of delivery and method of manufacture means we are able to provide affordable portable buildings in NZ. Their flexibility means they’re suitable for all sorts of purposes, including permanent portable homes, beach huts, lunch room portable buildings school classrooms, staff accommodation, retail properties and various commercial uses.

High Quality Portable Buildings in NZ

Speed of manufacturing and delivery result from the efficiency of the process rather than from any reduction in standards. Buildings are not only produced quickly and cost-effectively, they’re also of the highest quality. They’re extremely resilient, resistant to extreme weather, fully insulated and built of the finest materials in accordance with the New Zealand building code.

Whether for commercial or domestic use, we can provide a range of standard building designs that can be customised to suit or have buildings linked to form large blocks or connected accommodation. They’re all supplied complete and fully fitted so you can just move in.

We’ve been in this business long enough to know what people need and we can help them to achieve their aims. Our quality of buildings is matched by our exceptional customer service that takes the stress out of moving property.

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