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Innovative cost-effective commercial & development building solutions

Transbuild Residential Property Developments


Transbuild Commercial partners with residential developers across the North Island to provide site buildings, showrooms, offices and most importantly affordable off-site manufactured homes at scale. Not to mention we can provide buildings from 65m2 to 160m2.

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    Size of Development

    Adding duplex allows developments to be turned over faster to improve cash flow. There is significant cost savings compared to conventional on-site builds. Whether it’s your plan or ours the earlier we’re engaged the greater the opportunity to develop a cost-effective and speedy solution. Our in-house architectural team can facilitate plans from concept to achieving building consent.

    Our streamlined procurement & manufacturing processes is key to our cost-effective model. We understand time pressures that developers operate under and compliment the ability to have site development work on going whilst building construction occurs in the factory simultaneously. This is a key benefit when considering prefabrication compared to an onsite build.

    Our buildings leave our facility fully completed with Code of Compliance, and we oversee the transportation and on-site installation onto the foundations. Our buildings also go through a robust quality assessment process to ensure a high-quality product is produced.

      • Proven Track Record
      • Scale to deliver for large developments
    • Significant cost savings verse conventional on-site builds
    • Guaranteed delivery date
    • Fixed Price construction
    • Eliminating all construction related risks, health & safety costs
    • No weather-related construction delays due to weather
    • Faster timeframes = faster returns

    If you have specific requirements that you wish to discuss for your project, please contact Shamil Gujarati on 021 449 807 or email or use the form to the left. Read More

    Prefabricated Buildings Offer an Ideal Solution for Property Development Companies

    Our housing conforms to quality control and manufacturing practices that ensure we supply high-quality housing to various partners and clients. So far, we’ve designed properties ranging from showrooms to offices to ablution blocks to medical centres. And, of course, we’re proud to present our showhomes, which are available to view in Drury, Bay of Plenty and Cambridge.

    As any profitable residential property development company knows, there are certain ways to cut the costs of land development. Our transportable – or prefabricated – homes and other buildings offer a cost-effective approach to building high-quality properties for housing developers.

    Here at Transbuild, we’ve developed certain strategies to make property development cost-efficient and also – crucially – stress-free.

    Our streamlined construction and procurement keep overall prices refreshingly low. Moreover, with our offsite constructed homes we can account for the development process end-to-end, from acquiring land permission and planning the building’s architecture to manufacturing it in our factory, transporting it and installing it onto the foundations of the land. Finally, we can add the final touches to ensure the building is ready as soon as possible. Before leaving the factory, each of our buildings is issued a certificate of Code of Compliance and has to pass a stringent set of quality controls.

    During our company history, we’ve partnered with various residential property development companies and produced some of the most weather-proof and versatile buildings around. And that’s not to mention three additional benefits of prefabricated buildings like ours.

    The Three Core Benefits of Transportable Buildings for Residential Property Developers in NZ

    Many property development companies in NZ face a major problem: traditional construction is often subject to serious delays. The variable weather in the North Island means housing development is often pushed back. This is not to mention the other issues that can happen, including subcontractor problems, equipment failure and project management/scheduling issues.

    Luckily, transportable buildings take that possibility straight out of the picture. Because of our secure factory conditions and significant expertise, there’s no uncertainty: we deliver when we’re contracted to deliver, and that’s that.

    Another core benefit of prefabricated buildings for residential property developers in NZ is that on-site works can be completed at the same time as manufacturing processes. The simultaneous nature of these processes allows for a highly efficient process with no scope for the type of significant miscommunication or subpar project management that can occur with non pre-fabricated constructions, making Transbuild the ideal choice for single and multi-unit developers.

    The third core benefit of prefabricated housing is that it incorporates design decisions to make use of the space, creating stylish buildings with highly efficient floorplans. Transbuild offers over three decades of building and architectural expertise, which means that we can accommodate changes to our existing floorplans, ensuring that you get your desired property in a timely manner.

    The Best Housing Developers Offer Significant Cost and Time Savings

    If you have any questions about how Transbuild can save your housing project time and money, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and find out why we are the numer one choice for the best housing developers in NZ. We also offer a free quote and consultation – Wether you’re a property developer in Auckland, Christchurch or across NZ, contact us to get booked in today!

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