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Transportable Homes Taupo

As a manufacturer of transportable homes in Taupo for over 30 years, we’ve developed an effective manufacturing system. We’re proudly New Zealand owned and run: our founder Sam and the rest of our close-knit team are well experienced in the challenges and joys of building for New Zealand’s climate. In addition to a speedy build process, you’ll find a beautiful range of designs and quality materials in our constructions. Read More

We Deliver Quality Transportable Homes in Taupo On Time and On Budget

At the heart of our business is a genuine passion to deliver great quality transportable houses in Taupo quickly and within your budget. There are a few standards we hold ourselves to achieve this.

  • Streamlined Manufacturing

Over the years we’ve learned that simplicity is key to efficiency. We use a selected group of experienced subcontractors who know our processes and designs. This means we can work speedily without sacrificing accuracy or consistently good quality, even if there are unexpected issues with your site.

  • Truly Transportable

We will never deliver an unfinished building. Our whole business model  is to bring a fully complete Taupo transportable home that you need only connect to your preprepared on-site facilities. Your completed building will be delivered on specialised house moving trucks and The team will complete the foundations and council approvals before lowering your building either on day of delivery, or close to (bigger buildings, and dependent on region it might need 2 days or 3 but it is variable and outside of our control) some need engineer to approve foundations holes before council will approve and if remote takes more time. But it comes down to each site

  • On Time – On Budget

We are driven, above all, to deliver at the time we say we will deliver and at the cost we quote. Our Business model is to complete all buildings in our factory facility enabling us to commit to time frames. It means we can work through any weather without the delays common in the construction industry. We utilise our library of architectural plans for a system of formulaic manufacturing, with a planned approach for tweaks and specific modifications. It means that all of the hardest work is already done and there will be no surprises when it comes to your budget.

Our proven formula means we never have to sacrifice beautiful design or good quality structure. We design first, and optimise production factors to work in tandem? We’re so confident of the quality of our residential buildings that we offer a 10 year Master Builder Guarantee as an optional extra.

Next Steps

The next steps to getting your building to your site are simple:

  • Pick your design from our online catalogue or take a virtual 360-degree tour on our website.
  • We’ll take a look at your address online and make sure it’s suitable for delivery. Will organise a site visit if required.
  • We can then issue you with a detailed estimate of the costs.
  • We’ll get all the details straightened out, then once you are happy with the particulars, we can send you a quote and a contract to sign.
  • We’ll request your first payment of 10% and give you a date for when your building will arrive.

From then on, you need only make your remaining payments and prepare your site for all the utilities you need. Your building will be delivered, installed and ready to move into on the same day.

Looking for a Transportable Home in Taupo? Give us Call Today!

When you’ve got an idea of what you want just get in touch via our online messaging service. We’ll be happy to hear about your project or arrange an appointment for you to take a private tour of showrooms. We’re passionate about our offer and always ready to talk to others about it, so if you aren’t sure about what you see on our website now, just give us a call!

If you are looking for portable office in Taupo, modular home in Taupo or a prefab home in Taupo, We will have it designed & build for you. Simply get in touch by sending an email to or calling us on 0800 460 307 and we’ll help you achieve your dreams

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