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Fast and Simple 6 Step Process

The most cost-effective way to get a brand-new home is to choose from one of our existing floorplans or choose a floorplan from our pre consented home range for a faster build process.
Our range of proven floorplans offer key design features coupled with optimum functionality.

1. Fast Site Check

We need to ensure our house-moving team can navigate the roads for access into your proposed site for one of our homes.

Click here to submit your Site Check form and we will respond as soon as possible.

2. Floor Plan and Project Estimate with your Home Consultant

When you have chosen your preferred floor plan, our team will provide a detailed cost estimate outlining a delivered cost to your location.

3. Home Starter Pack

This process will identify the full scope of your project costs, including provisional sums for site works and external consultant quotes before you need to commit to the full project investment.

Once our team have quoted your new home and assessed site compatibility for one of our buildings, including truck accessibility to your site, we can commence with a $5000 GST inclusive deposit which covers the following:

  • Site plans (3 revisions)
  • Standard house specifications
  • House plans and elevations, mirrored or flipped to suit your site
  • Utility areas plan
  • Check for local district council rules for your specific site
  • Updated quote with your individual upgrades/specifications

Please allow 3 weeks for this process.
The deposit is not additional and will be deducted from your first progress payment when your Master Build contract is finalised with standard or upgraded specifications for your project.

4. Master Build Contract

Once the full scope of the project has been agreed, a Master Build contract will be prepared and supplied for you to review and sign.

Contract documentation for your approval will include:

  • Final House Plans, Electrical Plan, Elevation Plans, Kitchen and Laundry Plan, Floor Finishing Plan, House Specifications, Project Quote

These below decisions, although preferably made at contract signing, are still able to be finalised within 4 weeks after contract signing, prior to factory build commencing. We allow for one final variation to contract, should there be any final price adjustments with below decisions:

  • Colour consultation and selections (excluding joinery, which must be finalised at time)
  • Electrical plan finalised
  • Floor finishing plan
  • Preliminary Approved Site Plans

5. Factory House Production and Payments - Fast Process

Once the contract and deposit have been received, our Customer Delivery Manager will advise indicative timing for your project, once factory build commences and they will manage all communication with you during the construction and delivery period.

The 5 stage progress payments are linked to key construction milestones and are detailed in the Master Build contract. You will receive regular updates and photos throughout the construction phase of your new build.

5% final payment is required upon acceptance of your building and keys are handed over within 2-3 weeks from when your house is located on to site foundations.

6. Delivery and Handover - Enjoy your brand-new home

Your building will be transported to site by our specialist house moving trailers overnight. Within 2-3 weeks, our remedial team will ensure the house is ready for the final handover and keys to your new home will be provided. Your Customer Services Team will update timing for this well in advance, to allow you to book in your site trades once you have access to your new home and our contractors are off site.

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