Our Process

1. Choose Plan

The fastest, most cost effective way to get a brand new home is to choose from one of our existing floorplans. Our inhouse architect team will ensure floorplans are positioned on your property to maximise the best aspects of your site.

Our range of proven floorplans offer key design credentials coupled with optimum functionality. We constantly critique these plans against client experience to adopt key learnings and evolve to improve.

2. Site Suitability

Our team can check your address to assess suitability for delivery of a transportable. If advised or preferable, you can invest in a site feasibility study which looks into the next level of detail of your site so that you understand all the site implications and costs potentially associated to ensure you are happy to progress before committing to the full project.

3. Project Estimate

Our team supplies a detailed cost estimate that advises a landed cost of your preferred floorplan(s) to your indicative location. Initially PC sums for your site works are advised so that you have visibility of the full scope of the project requirements. Feasibility study will expose additional costs if things such as additional engineering is required and allows you to obtain site quotes for services using your site plan.

4. Starter Preliminary Pack

Once our team has quoted your new home and assessed site compatibility for one of our buildings including property truck access we can commence with a $5000 GST inclusive deposit which covers the following:

  • Site plans / standard house specifications
  • House elevations
  • Electrical plan
  • Utility areas plan
  • Check for local council compliance

The deposit is not additional and will be deducted from your first progress payment when your Master Build contract is finalised and the house specifications/quote are fully defined. Allow 3-4 weeks for this process.

This will identify the full scope of your project costs, including all site works and external consultants before you need to commit to the full project investment.

5. Master Build Contract

Once the full scope of the project requirements has been agreed between yourself and Transbuild sales consultant Builder contract will be supplied for you to sign.

Contract documentation will include for your approval:

  • Final House Plans
  • Electrical Plan
  • Elevation Plans
  • Kitchen & Laundry Plan
  • Floor Finishing Plan
  • House Specifications
  • Project Quote
  • Colour Schedule
  • Preliminary Approved Site Plans

6. Production Timing & Payment

Once the contract and deposit has been received our customer delivery manager will advise indicative timing for your project and will manage all communication for you for your house over the construction and delivery period.

Note: Our production methodology is fast, and therefore reliant on all client specifications being chosen and approved at contract stage so production requirements can be scheduled. To this point, amends during production are highly unlikely and costly.

5 stage payments are detailed in the Master Build contract, and these are linked to key construction  milestones.

A 10% deposit is required upon signed building contract to commence your project. 5% final payment is required upon acceptance of building and keys handed over within 2-3 weeks from when your house is located on to site foundations.

7. Delivery

Clients are required to view and approve factory release documentation before their building will be transported to site. Over a period of 2-3 weeks of the house sited our remedial team will ensure the house is ready for the final handover and keys to your new home. Your delivery manager will update timing for this well in advance to allow you to book in your site trades once you have access to your new home and our contractors are off site.

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