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3 Bedroom Transportable Homes NZ

Are you a first time buyer looking for an affordable way to get on the property ladder? Perhaps you’re in need of additional space on your current site? Maybe you’d like to expand your investment portfolio and buy an affordable transportable home that will deliver on cost effectiveness and quality?

Whatever your requirements, Transbuild have the perfect range of 3 bedroom transportable homes that are pre-built in our factory and delivered to your specified site with in the agreed time frame depending on the size of building. Building a home really could not be simpler!

Simplicity, quality and fast delivery are the reasons why many people choose Transbuild for their 3 bedroom transportable homes in NZ. We deliver just what you need, at a pre agree price you can afford, and all the while never compromising on the quality you desire. Read More

Affordable 3 Bedroom Transportable Building Solutions

We specialise in offering affordable transportable building solutions for those in the residential and commercial sectors. Our range of options for 3 bedroom builds vary in size from the compact 70sqm solution right up to our spacious 140sqm floor plans.

The following are some of the options that we have available for you to choose from;

  • B3-92. Depending on resource and location we have the option to build an additional modern deck from the master bedroom and gable roofing, you can enjoy a touch of luxurious barn-inspired living with this option. All the bedrooms are spacious doubles and it can be built in as little as 12-16 weeks.
  • Another option is our B3-70. This design is all about small scale with a minimalist footprint. We have many different floorplans to choose from so you can pick the one that suits your needs best. This home can be built and delivered to you within 12 weeks, so you can move in sooner than you might think.

We also have many other floor plans for 3 bedroom transportable homes so take some time to browse each design to learn more about specifications and build time etc.

Why choose Transbuild for 3 Bedroom Transportable Homes?

  • Transbuild can design and build a new modern home for you quickly, while never compromising on quality. Our manufacturing process has been streamlined over the years to ensure the highest levels of efficiency. From having an optimum factory layout to having the very best tradespeople on our team, we do everything we can to ensure you get your new home on time.
  • We can do design and build, but bear in mind this will add time and cost, contact us for a personalised discussion and custom design and quote? The benefits for them is when they take one of our existing plans that we have see if that is suitable for their needs. Because we have built many times, have taken all the consumer feedback and evolved these plans with the insight of all the different feedback from customers over time.
  • We’re a locally owned and operated company and we couldn’t be prouder of that. The materials we use are locally sourced to ensure the highest standards of quality.
  • Customer service is very important to us and we’re passionate about providing fellow kiwis with beautiful homes that are affordable and built to last.

Get in Touch for a Free Quote

For more information, please get in touch with us today. We’d be happy to chat with you and help you determine which of our 3 bedroom transportable homes would best suit your requirements.

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Burns 133 Gable

Burns 133 Mono

Arrowsmith 144 Mono

Arrowsmith 144 Gable

Mono-B4-152 - Aoraki_

Aoraki 152 Mono

Gable-B4-152 - Aoraki_

Aoraki 152 Gable

Aspiring 144 Mono

Aspiring 144 Gable

Egmont 148 Mono

Egmont 148 Gable

Ruapehu 151 Mono

Ruapehu 151 Gable

Ruapehu 151 Dual Gable

Tasman 144 Mono

Tasman 144 Gable

Silberhorn 122 Mono

Silberhorn 122 Gable

Haast 120 Mono

Haast 120 Gable

Haast 120 Dual Gable

Huxley 120 Mono

Huxley 120 Gable

Huxley 120 Dual Gable

Kawerau 119 Mono

Exterior B3-119 Gable - Kawarau

Kawerau 119 Gable

Torres 113 Mono

Torres 113 Gable

Sefton 91 Mono

Sefton 91 Gable

Transbuild Walters 98 mono

Walters 98 Mono

Evans 70 Mono

Newton 65 Gable

Dixon 65 Gable Show Home

Dixon 65 Gable

Hutton 65 Mono