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Bay of Plenty Residential Property Developments


The word is on the street: prefabricated property is smart, cost-efficient, and fast. For residential developers looking for a hassle-free, cost-friendly project, transportable homes and other prefabricated buildings represent the ideal option. Transbuild has partnered with residential property developers in the Bay of Plenty and across the North Island to produce, transport and install high-quality buildings of all types.

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    Stunning, Custom-Built, Prefabricated Residential Property Development at the Bay of Plenty

    What has historically made us attractive to our customers is the certainty that we can provide in terms of cost and timeframe. Unlike traditional construction, it is impossible for prefabricated properties to be delayed by adverse weather conditions, subcontractor issues, or any of the other factors that typically cause delays at construction sites. This also means a far lower health and safety risk and a delivery date you can be sure of.

    For ambitious property developers in the Bay of Plenty, the time efficiency of transportable homes is essential; rather than wasting time on long-term developments, prefabricated buildings offer the option to move on to the next project quickly. Read More

    What our Property Developers in the Bay of Plenty promise you

    Firstly, each of our properties leaves the factory with a certificate of code of compliance. We also implement a rigorous quality control check for every building to ensure complete satisfaction.

    We can also scale to requirements for large projects and multi-unit developers. One of the significant strengths of transportable buildings is how customisable they are. With an experienced company like ours, we’re able to construct buildings with a wide range of designs, layouts, and finishes. So far, we’ve built buildings of all types for our clients, from offices to medical centres to showrooms. These buildings are weatherproof and aesthetic, with a custom architecture that maximises building footprint while minimising costs and construction times.

    Therefore, Transbuild offers a smooth and stress-free building experience. Our team of expert architects can take over planning the building – even down to acquiring local planning permission. Next, we design the building, taking into account any tweaks or adjustments. We then carefully manufacture the building and conduct a thorough quality assurance process before transporting the building to the site. Finally, we install the foundations and add the finishing touch, ensuring the building is habitable immediately (unlike traditional construction, where this process is often delayed!).

    Perhaps the most desirable aspect of prefabricated buildings is, however, their costs. In a bloated and expensive industry, transportable properties offer a refreshingly cost-effective solution. Transbuild, over its three decades of experience, has developed a streamlined material procurement and building manufacturing process that guarantees a high-quality product at a low cost.

    You can Trust our Residential Property Developers in the Bay of Plenty

    At Transbuild, we’re proud to have accumulated 35 years of experience in the building industry. Our team of expert property developers have tackled projects all around North Island and continue to provide stunning, durable buildings and residential property developments in the Bay of Plenty which our customers are delighted with.

    If you have any questions about our properties or services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also request a FREE consultation and quotation at the bottom of the website.
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