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Transportable Homes Napier

People buy transportable homes for all sorts of reasons. Often they’re downsizing because their children have moved out and their current home is too big. They simply want something that matches their current lifestyle.

Reducing the size of your property does not, however, mean you also have to lower your standards. Far from it, especially if you’re moving into one of our transportable homes for Napier. They’re all of at least the same high standard of any conventionally built property and have all the required quality fixtures and fittings. Read More

The Benefits of a Transportable Home in Napier

A transportable home is not the same as a mobile home that you can drive or tow between sites. Instead, it is intended to be permanently located on a particular site but is built off-site in a factory and then transported to the site in a completed form. This gives several advantages over conventional homes that are built of bricks and mortar or similar materials:

  • Since the home is constructed under factory conditions, everything is done within a controlled environment and quality control is much improved. This means that the standard of construction is much better and more consistent than using conventional methods.
  • As everything is done under one roof, there are no delays due to failed deliveries or adverse weather that holds up construction. As a result, on time delivery is more certain and the whole build process is much quicker.
  • Site preparation can be undertaken in parallel with construction of the property rather than serially when using traditional methods. This condenses the project time and further aids speedy delivery.
  • Improved production times and methods translate into cheaper prices, meaning affordable transportable homes in Napier can be up to 40% cheaper than conventional houses. That’s helped by the price you’re quoted including installation on site as well as the construction cost so there are no hidden extras.

Quality and Value with Napier Transportable Homes

Getting a home cheaper and faster doesn’t imply that corners are being cut and the quality is being reduced. We are required to have government licences and have to comply with all building regulations in the same way as any other builder, so you can be assured that the standard is at least equivalent to a conventional house.

We use only the highest quality materials that have been stringently tested for their strength and durability. So every home we build will be robust, long-lasting and able to withstand extreme weather. As proof of that, we’re able to provide an optional ten-year Master Builder Guarantee for every property.

We have a range of standard architect designs that you can choose from, which not only ensure prices are kept low but also create attractive homes. You can customise these by choosing kitchen plans, altering designs and adding features such as decking, external showers and additional storage. We can also create completely bespoke designs to meet your needs although these will obviously add to the cost.

All properties are fully insulated, have standard services installed and come with a Code of Compliance certificate that will help with building consent. They are transported to a prepared site and simply need to be connected to power, water and waste services. So, for less hassle, reduced costs and a high standard of living, get a transportable home from us. If you are looking for portable office in Napier, modular home in Napier or a prefab home in Napier, We will have it designed & build for you. Simply get in touch by sending an email to or calling us on 0800 460 307 and we’ll help you achieve your dreams

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