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Below is a checklist to help you with the planning of your Transbuild home and ensure that you address all requirements. These details will be covered off in conjunction with our team as your project develops.

Please note Transbuild pricing includes code of compliance certificate for the building, the site consent will be costed as we develop that for you. If you are unsure of any part of the process or would like to discuss it further, call us on 0800 460 307.

Know Your Site Location

Transbuild can manage the site consent with your local council, and liaise with or support you in engaging any required external consultants e.g surveyor, engineers etc. If you already have Geotech and survey reports, please share these early in your discussions with the team as this helps them provide more accurate costs specifically for your site.

Home Starter Pack

Once our team has quoted your new home and assessed your site compatibility for one of our buildings, including property truck access, we can commence with a $5000 GST inclusive deposit which covers the following:
Site plan/Standard house specifications/House elevations/Electrical plan/Utility Areas plan and checking local Council Compliance for your new home.

The deposit is not additional and will be deducted from your first progress payment when your Master Build contract is finalised and the house specifications/quote are fully defined.

This will identify the full scope of your project costs, including all site works and external consultants before you need to commit to the full project investment.

Understanding Your Site Requirements

The first stage estimate will set out a landed cost on a standard set of house foundations to NZS3604 design. The Geo-technical report will identify if your site requires additional investment for engineered foundations or additional pile depths and bracing requirements.


Our costing process works through an overall project estimate which covers off every cost that might be incurred for your site. This will include the factory build of your home including CCC, transport to your site and lowered onto a standard NZS3604 foundation, a geo report will confirm foundation design which may incur some additional costs for extra piles or depths. We like to operate to a “no surprises” mantra, so we identify early all options that might need to be considered for your site and then alongside your Transbuild contact you can work out your plan preference and decide who to engage to do the work on your site. This is an accurate estimate, but once you are happy to proceed, we can easily transfer this estimate into a fixed priced Master Build Contract very quickly. Whilst all care is taken to ensure accuracy with the provisional sums, clarification with local sub-contractors once the concept and site plans have been completed, will allow the estimates to be firmed as quotations.

Please refer to the specification tab in the navigation bar for more detail on inclusions and exclusions. We have a range of standard upgrade options available for your house.

Transit Insurance & Site Insurance

Transit insurance is supplied as part of the house delivery until it is lowered onto the piles. You must organise your own site contractor insurance to start the day your building is delivered. This is typically termed a ‘construction insurance’ while you are operating a building site. Discuss with your provider their policies, and when you would switch over to normal house and contents cover.

Code of Compliance After Delivery

Transbuild will supply all CCC documentation required for your building within 4-5 weeks of the final factory CC inspection. In regard to your site, you must obtain a ‘statement of work’ from all your local trades.

Building Size

Building size is obviously a key factor in price of both the build and the transport. Your site might be governed by local council restrictions e.g secondary dwellings have a maximum sqm stipulated which varies in different regions. We will work alongside you to achieve the space you require that suits your site and fits within budget.


You will need to make your Transbuild Consultant  aware of your target dates for delivery, and they will be able to advise if these are realistic or not.

Once you progress to signed contract and your deposit is received our Customer Services Team will advise your production schedule and the week that we are targeting for delivery to your site.

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