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Prefab Homes NZ

Transbuild is the right company for you if you are searching for high quality prefab homes in NZ. We are proud to be a New Zealand company: We support kiwi enterprises as a priority and we always endeavour to use New Zealand suppliers and materials wherever possible in the construction of our prefabricated buildings.

However, we understand that in NZ prefab houses is an option for you that readily springs to mind when considering purchasing a new home. So, we wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our buildings. Read More

Why Choose a Portable Home?

There are so many reasons why a prefab home could be the perfect option for you and these benefits are why they are becoming more popular now than ever before! Find out more about why you should choose one from Transbuild; globally proven

  • Short Construction Times – A big benefit of portable homes is that they allow for much less construction time because of Concurrent site works, and manufacturing. If we were to compare prefabs to normal construction, it can be done in less than half the time! Why is this? Well, portable houses have upfront planning, the weather does not have to be considered and there are no subcontractor delays to worry about. This housing solution is ideal for those that are looking to gain extra space fast.
  • Certainty – It can be easy to go over budget with a traditional house build as there are so many major and minor expenses to be considered and it can be hard to factor them all in. So many constructions are left half finished for this very reason. When you choose to partner with Transbuild, you will not be at risk of suffering a budget blow out. That’s right; the quote we give you is the price you’ll pay so you don’t have to stress.
  • Affordability & Quality – Yes, we offer affordable homes in NZ but we do this without ever having to cut corners when it comes to the quality of the building or the quality of the service we deliver. We believe that we don’t change the estimate for no reason and we’re sure you’ll agree when you see the value for money that our homes provide.

Not Your Average Prefabricated Homes in NZ

Many people are starting to take a closer look at prefabricated houses in NZ. They have heard that something special is gathering momentum in the way new homes are being constructed and quite rightly, they are checking it out. The truth is, something special is happening and Transbuild is pleased to be one of the companies leading the way. The excitement is all about offsite construction and how sophisticated it has become recently, offering real fast delivery, cost effectiveness and most importantly, superior finish quality. Long gone are yesterday’s basic prefab buildings. Today’s approach is all about precision, quality, and timeliness. Look at our logo and strapline, ‘Transbuild, Delivering Clever Building Solutions’. That’s what we do.

Are Our Portable Homes Secure?

Yes, of course! Our portable houses are made using trusted materials from our NZ suppliers and we build them in our factory in South Auckland. All of our buildings are made according to the New Zealand building code standards and, to give you complete peace of mind, your new building can come with an independent Master Builder Guarantee (this is an optional extra). All homes come with have a code of compliance certificate.

The evolution of residential dwellings has seen a steady progression toward the way we build today. One thing that has remained central to the build process is that materials and labour have always been brought to the site and assembled there. This process has many inherent problems because getting materials and labour together with the right weather conditions can be difficult at times and lead to project cost overruns and timeline slippage. Transbuild operates from its factory in Drury, South Auckland and constructs homes in their entirety on a carefully monitored production line. Timeframes for completion of our prefabricated houses in NZ depend on the size of the building but all are completed within an average of half the timeframe of an onsite build. More importantly, the building will be ready on time and completed in full, removing the typical anxiety associated with onsite construction delays and costs.

Amazing Scale & Choices of Prefabricated Houses

Many people looking at prefab homes in NZ are under the false impression that there’s not much choice. Nothing could be further from the truth. We currently have 30 template designs to use as a starting point. The floor space sizes range from 65 to 152 sqm with 2 to 6 bedrooms on offer. Plus, many of the designs can be adjusted to meet your personal requirements and all the finishes such as painting, tiling and kitchens can be fitted exactly as you wish. The possibilities are endless. At Transbuild, we’re proud that our finished properties have a “Premium” feel about them, something that separates our homes from the competition. We achieve this by listening to our clients, incorporating their ideas and then delivering a quality final product.

There’s No Need To Wait For Portable Homes in NZ, Contact Us Today!

There’s nothing better for the decision-making process than getting your hands on the product. So why not come and see our show home and look at our factory? The experience will give you a vivid picture of just how far prefab homes in NZ have developed and improved. In addition, you may be lucky enough to meet our founder and MD, Sam Paterson and his dedicated team. Their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are bound to impress, plus you’ll have the opportunity to explore the possibilities for your own prefab project.

Our transportable buildings are ideal for family homes, baches, town houses, cottages, farm houses, granny flats and sub-divided properties so whatever your requirements are, we have a design that’s suitable. Best of all, as your circumstances change, your transportable home can too! So while you may be buying it as an investment property to make some extra income, there may come a time when an aging family member might call it home. In terms of usage, the possibilities of our units are endless.

There’s no need to wait any longer, as we’re ready and waiting to start manufacturing! Call us today for a free no obligation quote for your very own modular house in NZ.

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Burns 133 Gable

Burns 133 Mono

Arrowsmith 144 Mono

Arrowsmith 144 Gable

Mono-B4-152 - Aoraki_

Aoraki 152 Mono

Gable-B4-152 - Aoraki_

Aoraki 152 Gable

Aspiring 144 Mono

Aspiring 144 Gable

Egmont 148 Mono

Egmont 148 Gable

Ruapehu 151 Mono

Ruapehu 151 Gable

Ruapehu 151 Dual Gable

Tasman 144 Mono

Tasman 144 Gable

Silberhorn 122 Mono

Silberhorn 122 Gable

Haast 120 Mono

Haast 120 Gable

Haast 120 Dual Gable

Huxley 120 Mono

Huxley 120 Gable

Huxley 120 Dual Gable

Kawerau 119 Mono

Exterior B3-119 Gable - Kawarau

Kawerau 119 Gable

Torres 113 Mono

Torres 113 Gable

Sefton 91 Mono

Sefton 91 Gable

Transbuild Walters 98 mono

Walters 98 Mono

Evans 70 Mono

Newton 65 Gable

Dixon 65 Gable Show Home

Dixon 65 Gable

Hutton 65 Mono