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Offsite Buildings NZ

Configure and combine buildings from the Transbuild Residential Range to maximise the functionally of your site, and tweak existing plans to fit your personal site preferences. The Transbuild Modular Home Range has the added benefit of future proofing and evolving to fit your needs as they change.

Assess your site specifics to maximise exposure to sunlight (for passive solar ratings), add external corridors to link or decks to join multiple dwellings and create that sought after indoor/outdoor flow, number one on the Kiwi priority list! Read More

We’re an Experienced Supplier of Offsite Buildings in NZ

The momentum and interest in offsite manufactured buildings is gathering pace at some considerable speed. People are starting to recognise the benefits of having a construction project manufactured and delivered and the argument is compelling. As offsite construction in NZ reaches a point of critical mass, the concept is becoming more cost effective and reliable, and the quality of the completed buildings is truly inspiring. In the early days, offsite building manufacturers had limited design offerings and construction solutions but now just about any conceivable combination is possible. This means that anyone with an upcoming building project would be prudent to consider offsite manufactured buildings.

The Starting Templates Offer a Vast Array of Options

The team at Transbuild is extremely proud of the market position we have achieved over recent years. This success has mainly been attributed to a clear vision of our experienced management team. The company strapline is “Delivering Clever Building Solutions” which is clearly visible next to our logo and the ingenuity starts with our portfolio of designs, offering a range of interconnectable but stand-alone properties ranging from 2 to 6 bedrooms with a floor space of 65 to over 150 sqm. This clever set of design options ensures that no matter what the size and shape of your build plot or the intended use of the building, there’s a combination of construction ideas to deliver your vision. While many of our clients commission residential properties for themselves, many property development companies are looking for buildings for light commercial purposes, secondary dwellings or to build investment and rental portfolios

Cost Effective, On Time and On Budget Offsite Buildings

The key ingredients to a construction project are materials, plant, and labour. Making sure you have these things on site on time is an essential practice to perfect for the project manager. In practice, this is very tough to do and is why we hear about construction projects running over on both the cost and the timeline. The difference with offsite construction in NZ is that all the components of the build are readily available, all the time, in a sheltered factory. So, if things go wrong, the solutions are quickly brought forward, and the manufacturing of the unit continues to flow. There are economies of scale at play as the purchasing power of the offsite company means buying in great quantities. Plus, there’s less waste as the production programme is a precise schedule, meticulously planned to minimise waste and to finish on time. Transbuild is showing a quantum leap in construction intelligence and you the client are the primary beneficiaries.

Looking For Offsite Construction Companies in NZ? Call Transbuild Today!

If you are now considering the offsite option for your project, then you really do need to come and see us. We’re based in Drury; South Auckland and we have an excellent show home right next to our factory. Come and see the quality of the materials and the building expertise that goes into our offsite buildings. We specialise in commercial transportable buildings, industrial transportable buildings, lunchroom portable buildings  & many more types of offsite building projects arcoss New Zealand. We know you will be impressed, and you’ll also learn a lot from our experienced team headed by the company founder and MD Sam Paterson. Call today and get a date in your diary.

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Transbuild Commercial C70

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C98 Staff Kitchen Ablutions

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C144-1 Office Building

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C144-2 Office Building

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C144-3 Office Building

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