Property Development Transportable Buildings Auckland

Transbuild have been creating property development transportable buildings in Auckland NZ since 2012. Building fully assembled, ready to use buildings in our purpose built factory, Transbuild offer an option for developers that can be delivered on time, on budget and with complete peace of mind.

Whatever your Auckland property development is, transportable buildings offer a reliable, methodical, and controlled way to get buildings on site and ready – in few weeks, depending on the type of building chosen. Read More

Why Transportable Buildings are the Future of Property Development

Transbuild offer several floorplans and configurations to suit site requirements – whether you are building a residential offering, a campsite solution, or offices. Sam Paterson, our Managing Director, has over 25 years of experience in the building industry and has used this to create prefabricated buildings that are constructed in our purpose-built factory in South Auckland.

Transbuild deliver complete buildings that only need to be connected to the utilities on site – so simply connect to your onsite services and then move straight in.

How Does the Transbuild Process Work?

The property development process for transportable buildings from Auckland, NZ to your site is streamlined which allows to deliver a fully finished product.

We offer several floorplans and footprints as a template for our builds. This means that we have streamlined processes in place to construct our buildings quickly and safely in our all-weather factory, leading to efficient timescales and more efficient use of materials.

To begin your construction, we invite you to look at the available plans and decide on one that is most suitable for you and your site. Each plan we have has key design credentials and optimal functionality so you can be sure you will get the most out of the development.

Once you have a plan in mind, our then provide clear documentation about any action that needs to be taken. A quote will be created in 5-10 working days, with a clear purpose to be accurate from the very start so there are no hidden cost surprises. We are happy to complete a feasibility survey for you before commencement so that we can give you the most accurate quote – alternatively, if you have had a Geotech survey done we can use that. Once the quote is agreed, and the contract is signed, we can start construction in our factory, while work on the site continues. You will be given a target delivery week, so you know when the site needs to be ready.

We transport the fully completed building on specialised house moving trucks, often in the early hours of the morning. When we arrive on site, someone needs to check the condition and sign the factory release documentation, and then we finish the foundations and lower the building into place.

Once the building is connected to services like water and electricity, it is ready to use, with all documents, warranties and guarantees in place.

For property development transportable buildings in Auckland are a cost effective and simple way to create buildings on time and within budget.

Need More Information About Our Property Development Transportable Buildings?

Our team are on hand to help you find the best configuration for your site. Of course, we are always happy to customise a build for you, but this will obviously increase the price and may take longer than the standard process.

If you’d like to know more about our other transportable units such as lunchroom portable buildings, shower blocks and staff accommodation transportable buildings, get in touch with us now either by dropping us an email at or Speak to Transbuild today and find the perfect building for your site.

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