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Transbuild Modular Building Options


Configure and combine buildings from the Transbuild Residential Range to maximise the functionally of your site, and tweak existing plans to fit your personal site preferences. The Transbuild Modular Home Range has the added benefit of future proofing and evolving to fit your needs as they change.

Assess your site specifics to maximise exposure to sunlight (for passive solar ratings), add external corridors to link or decks to join multiple dwellings and create that sought after indoor/outdoor flow, number one on the Kiwi priority list! Read More


Modular Homes Auckland

A modular home usually refers to a home where standard-sized components are built in a factory and the building process is then completed on site. Modular houses offer plenty of advantages over a traditional home build but what if we were to tell you that we also deliver transportable homes in Auckland.

Welcome to Transbuild; we specialise in the manufacturing of quality transportable building solutions that are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

The Difference Between Transportable & Modular Homes

The biggest difference between both options is where the build actually takes place. As mentioned, modular homes are put together on site whilst our transportable homes are built and finished in our factory in South Auckland and transported as one single unit to site.

This difference allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality control. Your new home will be fully completed upon delivery so you don’t have to stress about things that could potentially go wrong with the assembly. Upon delivery, all you have to worry about is connecting the utilities and enjoying your new home.

More Homeowners are Opting for Transportable Houses

The popularity of transportable houses is on the rise in NZ and for good reason. Our clients get to enjoy;

  • Fast turnaround times – you can move into your new home in a matter of months, not years
  • Hassle-free build – we’ll do all of the hard work for you in terms of design plans, consent and build
  • Efficient use of space – our architecturally designed homes leverage space as best as possible
  • Cost effective transport – a site visit will be conducted prior to commencing project and we will advise on transporting cost and what equipment will be required e.g crane might be required for extended reach on trickier/ or steep sites
  • Quality – we only use the best NZ materials and all building is done by professional tradespeople who have years of industry experience

Transbuild: How Our Process Works For Modular Homes

  • Choose your plan – We have a wide range of build options so take some time to look through each floor plan to find the one that suits your requirements best. If you would like to make tweaks to an existing floor plan, we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can see if your changes are possible.
  • Get a quote and sign the contract – Once you’ve decided which home is the right one for you, we’ll give you a quote. Note that choosing an existing floor plan is the best option if you’re in a hurry to get production underway.
  • Progress updates – We invite you to come and see how your new home is progressing. An appointment is necessary so please give us a call to arrange a visit.
  • Delivery – Your new home is completed and ready for transportation! Note that we do require someone to be present at the factory to sign the release form and we also require someone to be on site when the building arrives.
  • Payment and Installation – Payment is required before installation begins. Finance options are offered on all builds and it’s managed through Oxford Finance.

A New Approach to Modular Dwellings in NZ

When people think of modular homes, the vision is generally of a project coming together on site in an assembly process and then after a short while, the building emerges. Transbuild operates a little differently as the whole building is assembled offsite and then transported as a wholly completed structure. What can be termed modular, is the ability to create quite large buildings by coupling together several completed elements. This we have found, is particularly useful for the light commercial sector and for those who require a larger home. In truth the possibilities are endless.

Clever, Tasteful Modular House Designs for a Modern Spacious Home

Offering a portfolio of 30 designs as a starting point, Transbuild presents options for modular homes in NZ from two to six bedrooms and from 65 to 152 sqm. Choosing your finishes including kitchen and painting will add your own personal touches to the house and turn it into your home. If you are contemplating a larger modular house by coupling two or more units together, then internal layouts may be adjusted to meet the overall layout requirements of your home. The addition of external corridors or decking areas can be used to link the units to make the most of the space, both inside and outside of the home. Furthermore, the positioning of your home on your site can be changed and optimised to present the key spaces to the sunlight or panoramic views.

The Benefits of Offsite Construction when choosing a Modular Home in NZ

The traditional methods of construction require all the materials, plant and labour to be brought to the site in a program of events, carefully coordinated by the management team. This takes great skill to oversee and is often subject to issues and problems, usually because one or more of the materials, plant and labour are missing for some reason or another. The knock-on effect is delay and extra cost. Conversely, in offsite construction of modular hones, with everything and everybody present under one roof, all issues or problems can be dealt with immediately, preventing any chance of delay or added cost. The result is a high degree of certainty over the completion time and cost. The working environment also offers a positive element because the production never suffers from adverse weather and the tradespeople operate in comfortable conditions. It makes the Transbuild production line a great place to work.

Looking For Modular Homes in Auckland? Get In Touch With Us

By now, you’re probably concluding that if you’re going to invest in modular dwellings in NZ then you need to take a closer look. That being the case, we would be happy to welcome you to our factory in South Auckland. We have a show home for you to walk through. You’ll be able to feel the quality and open your mind to the possibilities you can tap into. One of our specialist team will be able to answer all your questions and you may even get to meet our founder and MD Sam Paterson, whose experience and passion for building exceptional Kiwi modular homes is renowned throughout New Zealand.

Need more info on How transportable homes are different over modular houses in Auckland? Want to know more about a specific floor plan? Please get in touch with us today, as we’d be happy to help you.

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Burns 133 Gable

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Arrowsmith 144 Gable

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Aoraki 152 Mono

Gable-B4-152 - Aoraki_

Aoraki 152 Gable

Aspiring 144 Mono

Aspiring 144 Gable

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Ruapehu 151 Gable

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Huxley 120 Gable

Huxley 120 Dual Gable

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