Staff Accommodation Transportable Buildings

If you are looking to create staff accommodation on site, you might be considering ways to make the build more cost effective.

Transbuild offer a range of transportable buildings that are suitable for all types of accommodation, from holiday homes and campsites to onsite staff quarters, communal spaces and facilities and they can be, constructed in few weeks dependent on requirements.

Transbuild staff accommodation transportable buildings are part of a wide range of building options and floor plans that we create. Transbuild have been constructing ready-to-use buildings in our South Auckland factory since 2012, and our clients buy from us with confidence knowing that our methodical processes and controlled environment allows us to deliver buildings on time and on budget.

All our buildings are constructed by Licensed Building Practitioners to meet NZS3604 standards, made from a standard timber construction and materials from NZ suppliers – we are proud to support local businesses and tradesmen in our builds, and that means that we remain large enough to be competitive, but small enough to care.

If you think that having staff quarters in transportable buildings might be a great idea for your site, then we are here to help. Read More

Staff Accommodation Transportable  Buildings – Are they the Answer to Your Site Needs?

In order to make the best decision about what suits your needs, it is always a good idea to get a knowledgeable person to make an assessment. Here at Transbuild, we can help facilitate a feasibility study for a small fee that will give you all the information you need to make the most out of the site and ensure that you understand all the implications with your site before you commit.

For staff accommodation transportable buildings offer a flexible solution that can cater for any combination of staff needs – from family accommodation to RSE, we have a floorplan that suits your needs.

Our self-contained units have everything that your workers need in one building. Containing bedrooms, kitchen, dining and living space, laundry room and bathrooms, we have a variety of floorplan layouts to consider, which can house up to six people comfortably.

If you are looking to provide on-site accommodation to more staff, then we can create a community layout consisting of several buildings that give staff quarters a ‘village’ feel. Sleeping blocks containing 5 bunk beds can be linked to kitchen and living blocks, ablution blocks and even a communal space for recreation – the choice is yours, and no matter what you choose, once the specification is agreed with you the cost is fixed and there is no reason why there should be any surprises.

If you are creating staff quarters transportable buildings, We offer a solution that is on time and on budget – peace of mind for you – making the decision to use a prefabricated building much easier.

Delivering the Staff Accommodation Transportable  Buildings

Your building will be delivered on a specially designed house moving truck, as a completed single unit. This usually takes place early in the morning as these trucks can cause road disruption (permits may be needed).

While the building is being constructed, you will have a checklist of things that need to be completed before delivery to ensure that the site is ready – the initial quote we prepare for you will include transport and standard foundations, unless the geo tech report dictates different requirements. Our team can advise what needs to be organised for the site, but typically it is up to you and your contractors to ensure all site works is completed in conjunction with your delivery. Sometimes this is before delivery, sometimes that is after but the client is responsible for ensuring that water, electricity and waste facilities are organised.

When the building is delivered, it is simply a case of ‘plugging’ the building in to the services and it is ready to be used – the ultimate timesaving, streamlined process that guarantees fixed cost delivery.

Talk to us today about your staff quarters and see if transportable buildings are the answer to your site accommodation issues.

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