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RSE Transportable Buildings

If you are in the horticulture or viticulture industries, you may already be taking advantage of utilising Recombined Seasonal Employees (RSE) in your business.

Transbuild have been constructing prefabricated transportable buildings for all manner of applications – from annexes to holiday homes, offices to shops. With a wide range of plans available and able to be completed within weeks, RSE transportable buildings could be the solution to your accommodation issues.

With RSE conditions being met, there is a possibility that the workers might be on your site for up to 9 months in any 11 – so making sure they are provided for is important. As you might not be able to offer a residential house for accommodation, other options like a guest house or a motel might not be ideal either. Providing accommodation in the orchard, vineyard or farm is the ideal solution – and with Transbuild it is a simple, cost-effective, and quick process. Read More

How Does The Transbuild Process Works

    1. Consultation

Our knowledgeable team are ready to help you find the ideal plan to suit your accommodation needs. From single sleepers to multiple occupancy, there is a perfect plan for you. As part of the consultation, we will collaborate with you to find the ideal building, based on preference, site details, and budget.

    1. Site Inspection

The site inspection allows Transbuild to see exactly where the building will go, and any issues that might need addressing, such as access.

    1. Quote and Contract

Based on the initial consultation and the site inspection, Transbuild can then create an accurate quote. Once agreed, and the contract signed, you will have an exact cost to construct and deliver your building – with a target delivery week.

    1. Architect

Our in-house architect will create a planning document.

    1. Council Consent

As part of the service, Transbuild will obtain building and site consent (this can take up to 4-6 weeks)

    1. Approved Plans

Once consent is given, all documents signed and a 10% deposit is paid, building can commence. Because our construction takes place in our purpose-built factory in South Auckland, all site work can take place concurrently, so you can ensure that on delivery day, the site is ready

    1. Building Stages:
  • Subfloor/framing
  • Pre-line: insulation/wiring/plumbing etc
  • Post-line: Gib/kitchen/bathroom etc
  • Interior and fit off
    1. Transport

We use special house-moving trucks to transport your completed building(s) to site. This usually takes place early in the morning to avoid traffic disruption.

    1. On-Site

When we arrive, we will finish the foundations and then place the building on the pile.

    1. Building COC

All certification and documentation will be given to you once the building is in place, and then all that is needed is connection to all services. The connection to site services is more linked to 9 On-site The COC can take a few months after the site is completed so this is a bit unclear. The COC is literally just council processing/documentation

Learn More About Our RSE Transportable Buildings NZ

If you would like to find out more about RSE accommodation in transportable buildings, healthcare transportable units, portable classrooms & more, then please call us – we are happy to help and answer any questions that you might have.

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