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Transportable Homes Tauranga

Whether you are space or budget sensitive, many are consciously choosing to inhabit a smaller living footprint. Our simple yet clever relocatable home designs, provide savvy living spaces for the discerning.

Our all weather factory and methodical process is key to our ​speed of delivery.  Streamlined manufacturing without compromising quality is our team’s key priority.  Couple this with cost effective delivery of a prefabricated home that is functionally ready to plug into onsite services the day it arrives, our building solution is an option that appeals to many. Primary or secondary dwellings for extended family, generating rental income, accommodating expanding family needs without the cost and stress of renovating or moving, the bach your home or simply cashing up so you can live a little. Read More

Delivering Transportable Homes to the Bay of Plenty

The needs of our clients are many and varied. One thing for sure is that we don’t just build boxes. We understand the needs of our different customers. From the residential to the light commercial and the secondary dwelling to the investment and rental sector, we have a transportable and relocatable building solution just waiting for your personal touches. You’ll find that Transbuild offers a high-quality option, giving exceptional value through speed, reliability and the fact that our properties are delivered, “ready to move in”. So if you’re looking for transportable homes in the Bay of Plenty, take a look at what we offer.

Clever Building Solutions that Save Time and Stress

If you’ve landed on this page, you will likely understand exactly what a transportable home is. It could also be that you’re not sure what transportable means and you’ve clicked here to find out. Well let’s be clear; the smartest thing to happen in the new homes market is to build the property off-site and then transport it, fully completed, to the site. It makes sense on so many levels. Realistically, you’re building your own home, but you have the benefits of tweaking designs from attractive and proven templates to achieve a unique result. At the same time, you’re saving money because you can take advantage of the cost savings of bulk purchasing achieved by your construction team, Transbuild.

One of the main benefits is that all our dedicated tradespeople are working in a factory, away from the elements with instant access to all the wider team, from the architects to the structural engineers and interior designers. Not only that, all the correct tools and equipment are readily available for completing their work precisely and with speed.

Speed, Savings and Simplicity!

In any construction project, not just residential, project managers worldwide will tell you that the goals they are driven to achieve are to finish “on time and within budget”. This is, without doubt, the holy grail of any construction management team. By utilising the proven Transbuild templates, clients are ensuring a near total degree of certainty over the cost and build timeframe of their project. Something that cannot be promised with a standard on-site construction approach. With all the intricate assembly work being done in the factory, this leaves the only on-site consideration to be the preparation of the plot to receive the building. This is something else that Transbuild pre-checks well before the convoy hits the road on delivery day.

Expert Back-Up in Every Part of The Process

We’re sure that by now you’re thinking that Transbuild could be the team to deliver your transportable home in Tauranga. If so, don’t hesitate about coming over to see us. We find that spending some time walking through our show home and perhaps chatting with the team here helps give clarity about off-site construction and the transportable approach to creating a new home. If he is around on the day of your visit, our founder and Managing Director Sam Paterson will be only too pleased to introduce you to the team and show you the quality that goes into every home that passes through our production line. Sam’s experience, professionalism and enthusiasm are industry renowned, and he gets personally involved with every project.

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Arrowsmith 144 Gable

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Aoraki 152 Gable