Relocatable Homes Hamilton

Transbuild delivers relocatable homes in Hamilton all the time; we’re experts in producing high quality transportable homes that are made in our purpose built factory in South Auckland and transported throughout North Island.

Each portable home comes fully finished so that once it is connected up to the utilities on your site, you can simply move in your possessions and start to live in it. The most cost effective way of getting into an architecturally designed  brand new home and who has a suitable site on which to put it. Read More

Discover the Many Benefits of a Relocatable Home

Transbuild’s range of homes can be built quickly, with the added advantage that they can be constructed at the same time as the groundworks are underway on your site. This results in significant time savings which means that you’ll be able to move into your new property much quicker than is possible with most typical onsite builds.

Each home built by us offers fantastic value for money plus you’ll always know exactly what it will cost from the moment you finalise and sign off your plans. The exact cost of your new home is calculated before any production begins and will not change. There are no nasty surprises and no need for a contingency fund when you choose a Transbuild home.

Furthermore, we never compromise on quality. All our buildings are finished to a high standard and include standard residential bathroom and kitchen fit out, with a custom built kitchen supplied by local NZ cabinet supplier. There are many opportunities to personalise your home before production starts and you can also opt for upgrades to your fixtures and fittings should you require them.

Once your home is complete and your site is ready to accept delivery, we’ll transport your fully finished new home as a single unit to your site so that it can be hooked up to the necessary services.

Typically t’s up to you to ensure that the site is ready and arrange to have site services complete ready for your buildings arrival. The architect plans provide all the information that is required and we walk them through what is required to carry out your utility’s onsite connection.

In line with council regulations, you’ll receive an ex-factory Code of Compliance certificate for your building and then once your home is delivered there will be a final site inspection for the site.

o that you can be confident that it was built to the required quality standards and that it can withstand the New Zealand climate. You’ll also have the opportunity to opt into an independent Master Builder Guarantee to give you extra peace of mind should you need it.

Choose Transbuild for your Relocatable home in Hamilton

At Transbuild, we specialise in building high quality prefab homes that offer exceptional value for money. We achieve this by following a set production plan that does away with some of the delays typically experienced by onsite builds. There’s no chance of delays due to bad weather or not being able to get tradespeople on site when needed. We’ve perfected our processes and project management which means that once your production slot is secured, we’ll finish your home faster than your expected time.

So, as you can see, we supply relocatable homes in Hamilton that will enable you to have your new home much faster than you would with an onsite build.

Contact us now to find out more and whether a Transbuild home is a good option for you.

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