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Transportable Homes Palmerston North

The process of moving into a new home is an exciting one, but it is also one which presents a unique set of challenges. For many people, one of the very best options available is investing in one of the affordable transportable homes Palmerston North has to offer. Here at Transbuild, our team of highly trained and knowledgeable experts have over 30 years of manufacturing and building experience, and our pioneering approach to designing and building Palmerston North transportable houses means that we’re able to offer our customers a comprehensive service which makes it easier than it has ever been before to get the home of their dreams without any stress or hassle whatsoever. Read More

The Advantages of Choosing Transportable Houses in Palmerston North

Here at Transbuild, we take great pride in ensuring that we’re able to deliver the outstanding results our customers expect, each and every time. On our website, you’ll find a great variety of different house options, with each of the houses in our range having been carefully designed by our team of inhouse architects. With both stylishness and practicality at the core of our designs, we’re able to offer living environments which appeal to a huge range of different tastes and preferences – meaning you can be sure to find something in our range which perfectly suits you and your family.

The transportable houses Palmerston North locals can purchase from us are all made locally using established, systematic processes and according to pre-approved designs which meet strict New Zealand building standards. Thanks to our formulaic manufacturing approach, all costs are known upfront and there is no risk of running over-budget. All the work takes place at our undercover factory, so there are never any delays or setbacks due to bad weather and we can guarantee maximum speed, efficiency and reliability with every project. In the meantime, you can get on with all the necessary site preparations and permits.

Our houses are completely finished both internally and externally when they leave our premises, with no extra work needing to be conducted on them once they arrive at the destination. So if your site is fully prepared with all the relevant onsite services (like power, water, drainage etc.) ready to go, there’s no reason you can’t move in the very same day it arrives.

Contact Us at Transbuild for More Information About Transportable Homes in Palmerston North <

If you would like to find out any more information about investing in a transportable Home in Palmerston North, feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team via telephone or email and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide any further assistance you require to ensure you’re able to make a fully-informed decision regarding your investment. If you are looking for portable office in Palmerston North, modular home in Palmerston North or a prefab home in Plamerston North, We will have it designed & build for you. Simply get in touch by sending an email to or calling us on 0800 460 307 and we’ll help you achieve your dreams

Alternatively, just use the convenient online form available on our website to request a free consultation and quote, and a member of staff will get back to you promptly with more information about how we can help with your prospective project.

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