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Portable Office Tauranga

When your business is growing, sometimes you might need to add some space for extra staff – and that is where a portable office in Tauranga from Transbuild can make all the difference.

We specialise in the construction of transportable buildings in New Zealand for residential and commercial customers. With our quality buildings created to withstand the harshest conditions, we offer your business a way to get an affordable portable office in Tauranga – quickly.

Our process allows us to create your prefabricated building fast – Our factory manufacturing conditions control all elements of our builds, meaning once you have signed off your specification we can commit to a production time frame which will not change, unless changes are made. we can deliver you the perfect size portable office building in Tauranga and beyond to suit your budget and your needs. Read More

Why Choose a Portable Office in Tauranga?

We know that as a business, needs consistently evolve – and growing a business effectively often means bringing in more staff. That is why we have created several plans that have been designed to consider what businesses really need – Efficient, quality solutions to addressing your space requirements.

Here at Transbuild, we offer a truly transportable office space that is architecturally designed and can be constructed in as little as 8-12 weeks (specification dependent. Constructed in our controlled factory setting, we can confidently commit to production timelines. You can have your site works in motion at the same time as we have your building in production, offering significant time savings. As soon as the site is ready, we can deliver your fully completed portable office in Tauranga and as soon as once the services are connected you can move in.

For your business, cost certainty is important. That is why we know that our affordable portable office in Tauranga can be less stressful as budget commitment for the building is approved prior to production starting so there is no reason why there should be a budget blowout. Due to cost and production time frame certainty, we can deliver your completed portable office building in Tauranga to work in with your site commitments.

Transbuild – Your Partner in Making Space

Here at Transbuild, we have developed a process for creating transportable, portable buildings that means our customers get delivery of a building that is perfect for them – solidly constructed, reliable and fast.

Our seasoned professional team have over 30 years experience in manufacturing and building – and we know what needs to happen for your build to go smoothly. Our in house architect team help you through the whole process – completing all required documentation for council consent for both the building and the site. From the very beginning, we are there to help design a building that optimises design efficiencies for your needs so you get your perfect portable office building in Tauranga.

On the day of delivery, our delivery team will organise foundations and any required consultant and council approvals before lowering the building into place. As soon as the utilities are connected your building is good to go – and you will have the extra space you need to make the most of your expanding business.

From customised buildings to architecturally designed plans, we have what you need for the perfect portable office in Tauranga and beyond

We also provide portable office buildings in New Plymouth, Napier, Hamilton & many other areas across New Zealand. Simply get in touch by sending an email to or calling us on 0800 460 307 and we’ll help you achieve your dreams

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