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Transportable buildings, such as transportable homes, represent the future of the New Zealand property industry. Transbuild delivered a range of versatile and aesthetic prefabricated buildings to various areas of the North Island, including portable office buildings, ablutions, medical centres, and many more.

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    Transportable Buildings Offer a Unique Solution for Land Developers in NZ

    For businesses and individuals looking for affordable yet high-quality buildings, prefabricated buildings offer an ideal solution. As every business-minded land developer in NZ knows, the key to successful property development is a fixed budget and a clear timeframe. Over the course of our company’s long history, we’ve developed streamlined procurement and manufacturing methodologies that continue to deliver significant cost benefits to our clients.

    Another significant benefit of prefabricated buildings is their adaptability. We’re able to make changes to our pre-existing floorplans to ensure that our clients get buildings that wholly suit their purposes. Just get in touch with us to discover our full offerings.

    Proud to be New Zealand’s Leading Land Developers

    Transbuild boasts a history of over three decades of construction and architectural experience. Therefore, our manufacturing process is both cost-efficient and extremely expedient. You can expect the development of our prefabricated buildings to go something like this: firstly, our team will plan the buildings. Our experienced team can even handle processes such as securing planning permission for the building. Next, we’ll manufacture the building under carefully controlled factory conditions. After conducting a rigorous quality assurance process and certifying the finished building with a Code of Compliance, we then transport the building to the land. Our team installs the building onto the foundations of the land, adding the finishing touches to render the building immediately fit for purpose. Read More

    The Benefit of Prefabricated Buildings for a Land Developer

    The first core benefit of transportable buildings is the certainty they provide in terms of time and cost. Traditional construction projects are liable to all sorts of delays – whether they’re related to adverse weather conditions, sub-contractor issues such as labour shortages, or errors in planning. When using the services of an experienced company like Transbuild, all these issues can be disregarded. Our meticulous planning, in combination with our secure factory conditions, ensure that we can conform to a strict delivery date. This also resolves multiple other potential issues simultaneously, such as health and safety. Importantly, it also ensures that our projects cannot run over budget, which is always a serious concern for land developers in NZ. Unforeseen expenses can make building prices balloon… but with Transbuild, what you sign for is what you get.

    We’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the service that they were promised. Hence, our slogan is ‘big enough to be competitive but small enough to care’ – though we’ve worked with some big names, we’re committed to the positive outcome of every project, no matter the nature.

    Transbuild is proud to have partnered with residential land developers and housing developers all across the North Island to produce some of the most stunning and weather-proof buildings on the property market. If you’re interested in using our buildings and services for your project, please contact us. Alternatively, you can book your free quotation and consultation below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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