Transbuild Commercial

Transbuild Commercial partners with many residential house development projects across the North Island offering multiple solutions for property developers, site buildings and showrooms, accommodation and office blocks.

Our streamlined manufacturing processes coupled with our business agility is key to our cost effective manufacturing model. We understand time pressures that businesses operate under, and foresee the ability to have site work development on going whilst building construction occurs in the factory as a key benefit when considering prefabrication compared to an onsite build.

Our main focus and portfolio house size is 100-150 sqm homes with two bathrooms & 3-4 bedrooms.

We transport these fully completed to sites and install the foundations.

  • Benefits of transportable buildings
  • Costs savings verse conventional on site builds
  • No site construction delays due to weather
  • Construction of the houses occurs whilst the civil and site works underway
  • Certainty of on time and budget
  • Undercover construction provides assurance for dry and on time production methods.

The opportunity to considerably reduce time frames for projects, reduce onsite disruption enables realising rental income or inhabit buildings sooner.

Our inhouse architect team can advise on our best building solution(s) in order to meet your site requirements, so the earlier our design team is engaged the more opportunity there is for us to help develop a cost effective and speedy construction solution.

If you have specific requirements that you wish to discuss for your project , please contact the Transbuild team here.

Commercial Prefabricated Buildings Plans

Following range for commercial buildings we offer for you these offices blocks. An easy way to extend your work spaces within your industrial or commercial.

Property developers use these for their office staff and display homes to market their developments and building types. Multiple building projects have been completed by Transbuild throughout the North Island regions and all units have the ability to be removed at their end of use and either relocated to other sites or on sold.

All buildings are provided with code of compliance certificates and are constructed to high standard within our controlled environment. Put your staff into a warm and comfortable spaces ensuring they have the best working conditions on site.

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C144COM Office Building

20m x 7.2m

6 office or meeting room spaces and generous large board room with modern open plan office for staff.

C144COM 2 Office Building

20m x 7.2m

4 Office or meeting room spaces and generous large board room with modern open plan office with entry cloak room area.

144COM 3

20m x 7.2m

Storage room with large open plan area with additional meeting room. Kitchen area with accessible toilets and additional washroom.

Medical Centre C144MED

20m x 7.2m

Multiple clinic rooms/reception waiting room with facilities. Features accessible bathroom & kitchen /All clinic rooms have sinks.

Staff Room Toilet Block C96 COM

16.4m x 6m

Accessibility female and male bathrooms with large open plan staff room & kitchen.


15m x 5m

Kitchen Dining Building. Open plan kitchen catering room.

B0-85 Office Kitchen Building

14m x 4.8m

Open plan office with female and male bathrooms.

C85 Ponui Open Office

17m x 5m

Open plan office space with meeting room & Kitchenette.

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