Transbuild Commerica 147 Medical

Size 147sqm

  • 7 Clinic Rooms With Sinks
  • Accessible Bathroom
  • 2 Toilets
  • Reception Waiting Room
  • Kitchen and Staff Room
  • Sluice Room

*deck artists impression only

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    Select the Commercial Building

    C147 Medical Centre

    Commercial  |  20 x 7.2m

    Building fit out is completed ready to connect to your onsite services.

    Cost estimate provided will be for building including:

    • CCC for building ex-factory
    • Delivery within Auckland Council Region (extra km quoted)
    • Standard foundations for the building to NZS 3604 (excludes deck)

    We transport buildings throughout all of the North Island and manage your site building consent processing with your local council. Refer to generic specifications and general inclusions.