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Considering Alternative Building Methods in NZ?

Whenever something new and innovative breaks into an established marketplace, there is always a high degree of scepticism. It’s quite natural that the competitors feel threatened and quite often there’s never enough momentum to convince the masses that the new product or service can deliver fresh and exciting results. The same dilemma has touched the construction industry. In truth, the established and traditional methods of construction have been with us for decades and now at a time when environmental issues and eco standards for energy efficiency are of paramount importance, traditional build methods struggle to dominate the market as they once did. What makes the transition to new systems even slower is that the vast majority of the skill base is anchored in traditional build methods, with industry professionals, and tradespeople often reluctant and slow to upskill and learn about the new systems.

Alternative Construction Methods NZ – On Site Solutions

Two notable construction systems are emerging from the pack behind traditional and timber frame methods, and they are SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) and ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms). Both have been around for quite some time and offer great on-site options for those seeking a fast build with good insulation qualities. SIPs are large panels of OSB Board sandwiching a polystyrene core that have great insulation qualities. The panels arrive as a kit and are craned into position. The exterior is then rendered or clad. ICF arrives on site and usually looks like a giant Lego set. The polystyrene blocks are positioned to a predetermined plan and then strengthened with metal rebar rods. Finally, concrete is poured into the cavity to give the building its structural integrity. The finish for ICF is also rendered or clad. These systems are quicker than traditional build and comparative in price.

Alternative Building Techniques NZ – Off Site Solutions

This is the market niche that has demonstrated the greatest innovation in recent years and is rapidly becoming the smart alternative to on-site construction systems. Effectively, buildings are created under quality-controlled factory conditions. Starting with a design template, units are created to a transportable size and finished to the client’s specifications. Units can be coupled together to create unique buildings to fit any plot size. Market participants offer a range of qualities, some very basic but others such as Transbuild deliver units fully completed with a real premium feel. Construction is fast, usually taking less than half the time of traditional build methods and costs are similar.

Alternative Building Solutions in NZ – Summary

If you are considering a new build project, it would be prudent to investigate and consider all these alternative building solutions. In the end, there are two trains of thought, one in favour of on-site construction and this will be for those who perhaps have some industry skill and can project manage the build by organising materials, plant and labour. The second group are wanting to take all the design and finish decisions but also wants to pass the responsibility for finishing on time and within budget to a specialist. For this type of client, the go-to option is offsite construction. We specialise in commercial transportable buildingsindustrial transportable buildingslunchroom portable buildings  & many more types of offsite building projects across New Zealand.