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Plug And Play With A Fixed Price

Take the hassle out of housing with a company that has redefined the building world, writes Shamil Gujarati.

Transbuild is a proud New Zealand-owned and operated business that redefines the way homes and buildings are built – and its been doing it since 2012.

We specialise in the construction of architecturally designed, affordable, transportable buildings for residential and commercial applications throughout the North Island.
On offer are affordable architecturally designed two to six-bedroom homes, office blocks and staff accommodation.
We manufacture large homes and buildings at scale in our purpose-built factory. Traditionally, prefabricated buildings have been small and poorly spec’d, but we’re doing things differently – our buildings are finished to a high-quality standard, ranging in size from 65 sqm to 160 sqm.
You can have your building transported to your site anywhere in the North Island within months, not years, and delivered, operationally ready to plug into onsite utilities and services with the assurance of a fixed price, a guaranteed delivery date and Code of Compliance.

Fast approach 

If you don’t have land a fast approach to achieving an investment property is by purchasing a Transbuild House and Land package. As our buildings are built within a controlled environment it allows you to get a property generating a rental income sooner.

While traditional on-site builds are susceptible to weather delays, labour and material shortages, we are unaffected. These issues have a very real financial cost which we can help you avoid. As a result, we can build faster and get the property operating sooner and generating an income for you.

Most lucrative option

If you’re in the privileged position of having land then this comes to you as no surprise that when buying an investment property, the most expensive part is the land component.

So, if you’ve got under-utilised land the most lucrative option is to place a Transbuild home on it – it’s the lowest investment option to getting a high return.

For example, if you were to purchase a $800,000 investment property hypothetically 50:50 ratio land to house value, with 80 per cent lending rented out at $580 a week, it would generate a negative return after all costs. In the same instance if you were to invest the same $400,000 into a Transbuild home and place it on your under-utilised land, the property would generate a positive return and a gross income of $16,510 per year. 

This doesn’t just apply to inner city suburban communities; the same principle applies to a lifestyle, rural or bach property. People are commercialising on the opportunity by providing holiday accommodation, bed and breakfast options, or staff accommodation.

As land becomes scarce other options include subdividing your lifestyle, rural or bach subject to council regulations, placing a Transbuild home and selling it off as a brand new ready to live in property.

This maximizes the land value with a finished home on it, not to mention the peace of mind dealing with one company to provide the end-to-end solution backed by a 10-year Master Builders’ Guarantee.

Lending, taxes and expenses

There is a myriad of benefits by purchasing a new build. Firstly, we’ve partnered with Westpac that provides a specialist Prebuilt Home Loan. For as little as a 10 per cent deposit, funding can be provided while the house is being built at our factory.

Furthermore, purchasing an existing property as an investment, most banks and lenders will require a 40 per cent deposit.

Secondly, new build investment properties can get a tax deduction on loan interest costs for 20 years, whereas this is not possible on existing rental properties as per the October 2021 changes.

Thirdly, expenses can be claimed on the rental property as well, and the bright-line test period for new builds is only five years versus the ten years for existing properties.

With so many benefits it’s time to re-think how property investing is done.

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made by Transbuild Limited to keep the information accurate, the above is for reference only. Neither Transbuild or its employees accept any liability for inaccuracies or losses suffered as a result. Transbuild recommends you directly contact the suitable professional, such as an accountant, to discuss your personal circumstances.